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The Maltese Vortex

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Khartoum, Sudan 

​The Maltese Vortex

Finland's elite Ski Soldiers prepare to do battle in the "Winter War" The Lebensborn Experiment

Finnish Ski Soldiers move to intercept the Soviets in Suomussalmi, Finland  

The  Lebensborn Experiment

​​Book Excerpts
East Of Egypt

David thought of the young faces he had looked into when he inspected their weapons. Just boys, really. A seasoned combat veteran could always detect a cherry. You could smell the fear on them without having to see it in their eyes. These young boys would soon know what he knew and feel what he had felt, for the first time.

David compared the psychological impact of war on youth with an allegory he called the death of a rose. A loss of innocence would be the first petal to fall. The next would be the loss of beauty, especially if the carnage was in their faces. The remaining petals, such as love for mankind and the belief that mankind is inherently good, not evil, would fall slowly, or rapidly, depending on whether the action was hand to hand. Their hearts would oscillate from cowardice when they cried out for their mothers, to bravery and unselfish heroism when they did impossible things to save their brothers in arms.

Their young minds would be sculpted by their specific experiences and scarred for life. After all the petals had been stripped bare by the stark reality of war the lonely thorn covered stem that remained would always be a symbol of their new reality. Their new character would use this day to measure limits of mental endurance for each day of the rest of their lives. The boundaries which had been stretched far beyond anything else human society could ever rain down upon itself, established. The only good thing they could draw from war would be the confidence they would always have within the expanded dimensions of their new lives. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." David mused.

Year Of The Rat

They came silently in the night. Five men dressed in black ninja clothing. They rented a suite below David's suite and used suction cups and grappling hooks to climb from the 19th to the 20th floor. They used a glue like substance that when ignited by an electric hand held device cut a perfect entry way through the sliding glass door on the terrace. As the first poked his head inside the bedroom door David reached for his Glock 17 and placed a perfect head shot through the man's forehead. The second man dove into the room and rolled toward the bed and Ming Li. “Run Ming Li!” David shouted. Ming Li ran but was quickly subdued.

The other three men jumped on David's back and tried to subdue him, but he charged through the open sliding door and swan dived over the terrace railing. The three men screamed as they realized they were falling 20 stories to the concrete patio at ground level below. David shaped his arms in what sky divers call a full Delta position. His hands at his side and his legs spread apart it allowed David a precious two seconds to aim his descent in the direction of the deep end of the circular pool. He landed in the pool but the concussion temporarily knocked him unconscious. He swallowed water and awakened coughing it out of his lungs. The three men had all landed directly on the concrete. Their bodies were exploded masses and lumps of flesh and bone fragments.

The Maltese Vortex

The door swung open so hard it came off its upper hinge. Two muscle bound Russian men dove toward David. David turned his Glock on the first man and shot his face off. The second man swung hard at David who slipped and momentarily lost his balance. All three were knocked to the floor. David on the bottom, the Russian on top and the waitress sandwiched in between. The Russian pulled a scaling knife from his boot and made a wide arc ready to thrust his blade into David's neck. David rammed his Glock between the waitress' left arm and body and squeezed three shots off.

The slugs made a tight shot group exploding the Russian's heart. The waitress was covered in the Russian’s blood which she mistakenly believed to be her own. Her pain was coming from the burn she received from the muzzle flash of the Glock. “Why have you killed me?” she screamed repeatedly. David slid from between the dead Russian and the shocked waitress and stumbled out the back door. He jumped in the hired car just as his ear plug vibrated alive. “Alpha Six, Razor Six over.” “Alpha Six go!” “Roger. We have female target in sight. She boarded a small launch and headed straight for a cargo ship moored along the Valletta waterfront accompanied by three heavily armed men, over.”

The Lebensborn Experiment

In a mere month you will see brothers and sisters agreeing to become spies against each other for an extra ladle of soup each day, or to be diverted from the showers. It must be an unusual experience to have your entire mental and physical existence constantly monitored and controlled by a force that can and will administer pain and torture just because it can. Your soul will leave you many times, angry at you that you have allowed your body to be trapped by such evil.” Jakob said with firmness. “Your soul will talk to you like a nagging Mother, or wife, agreeing with your Masters that you are indeed worthless and undeserving. They will make your soul hate your mother for birthing you. If you live, it will only be a half life. You will never stop hating yourself for letting evil over power and damage your body, mind and soul, even though nothing in the universe could have protected you from it.” Jakob said unable to conceal his anger that burned like a flame in his eyes. Arin suddenly realized Jakob's eyes were passionate and deep and were central to his being.

“When civilizations go mad enmasse it’s like an evil storm that tears apart everything it touches. One morning the skies open and the rivers run heavy with innocent blood and you pick up the pieces, if any remain and re-build with the hope that you didn’t miss something that could have protected you from the next evil storm. If we live beyond this we will carry a memory that will be like a heavy rock on our backs. It is important to not let the murderers drag you down into their depths. That would consume you and you will be forever lost. You must always let them keep evil on their side while you keep goodness on yours. When they take everything from you, you will still have something they could never possess in a trillion years.“ “What is that?“ Arin asked. “Innocence.“ Jakob said with a whisper so light it made the box car seem a holy place.

  • Barber: Adagio For Strings, Op. 116:24

​Mustang flying protection for 8th air force     B-17 bombing raid over Schweinfurt, Germany  The Lebensborn Experiment

Thai prostitutes in the border town of Sungai Golok near Islamic Malaysia East Of Egypt

​Arctic missile crisis 

The Maltese Vortex

Jihadist bomber destroys a section of the red light district in Sungai Golok East Of Egypt