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Scott Grant​ moved through the ranks in the Army from raw recruit to Combat Infantry Company Commander and Green Beret Captain until wounded in Vietnam where he was decorated for heroism. His education included earning a Master Of International Management at Thunderbird in Phoenix, AZ. and American Foreign Policy research at The Johns Hopkins School Of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. and Bologna, Italy.  He established an aerospace consulting company that provided high level support to the European Space Agency. He lives in both Asia and America with his Asian wife and three children. 

Scott Grant draws from extensive military experience to weave historical fiction into nail-biting, action-packed thrillers. He fortifies his characters with lessons handed down through the ages from the Greek Classics. The Greek philosopher Aristotle describes the elements of persuasive rhetoric; Pathos, Ethos and Logos and their importance in building loyalty in an audience. These are indispensable to combining history with fiction. History establishes the parameters. Stray too far from history and risk losing credibility. Yet fiction is richest in literature when the reader is provided with mental images that are so crisp and real that history is not revised in the process. How the characters react to their fateful circumstances measures either the depth, or shallowness of who they are.

As a near-death experience survivor Scott is deeply interested in hearing about the near-death experiences of others and is grateful when he is able to help shed the anxieties that burden many who still struggle with existential issues. 

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